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UHMWPE is a new generation Engineering Plastic which is prepared with the help of Ziegler Catalysts.

POLYSTEEL UHMWPE is manufactured by compression moulding under the guidance of highly technically qualified personnel.

POLYSTEEL UHMWPE has a molecular weight range in excess five million which are approximately ten times higher that of High Molecular Weight HDPE.

We offer a highly homogeneous and non-welded single block material in following sizes :
5600mm long x 515mm wide x 10mm to 130 mm thick
3300mm long x 520mm wide x 10mm to 130 mm thick
1000mm long x 1000mm wide x 10mm to 200mm thick
2000mm long x 1000mm wide x 10mm to 50mm thick
We can offer any machine part, linear and any other components as per drawings from our fully equipped workshop with expert engineers.

Outstanding Properties To

Abrasion Resistance High Energy Absorption Meets F.D.A Requirements
Impact Resistance Self-lubricating Zero Water Absorption
Chemical Resistance Low Coefficient of Friction Excellent Temperature Property